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Best Property Management Service Vancouver BC

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Best Property Management Services Vancouver Bc call – 604 315 9544 Looking for Full PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES in Vancouver or in the lower mainland call our property management division of Macdonald Real Estate Macdonald Commercial Property Management Services offers a full array services to manage all types of properties , Macdonald Property Management has been managing properties around the lower mainland for over 60 years and takes pride in the great reputation it has built for taking care of tenants, landlords and a diverse collection of commercial and residential properties. Macdonald Commercial offers a truly integrated approach to its commercial and residential property management services. Managing private residences, office buildings, shopping centres and mixed-use income producing properties successfully, requires the collaboration of asset management personnel, property managers, leasing and brokerage agents, accounting professionals, and site operations staff. Macdonald’s property management success and growth over the years has been achieved by attracting highly qualified and dedicated professionals who work as a team to achieve the owners’ goals for their properties. Let us find the right solution for your property assets We offer Full PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES In Vancouver and lower mainland Under this service we take responsibility for rent collection, maintenance of the property, accounting and communication with the owner and tenants. More specifically, this involves the following tasks: collection of rent from the tenant maintenance of the property handling of emergency problems, such as electrical blackouts or plumbing problems payment of mortgage fees maintenance and placement of insurance policies regular monthly accounting statements to the owner forwarding of net rental proceeds to the owner (by cheque or direct deposit) into an account of the owner’s choice inspections on a regular basis to determine the condition of the property move-out inspection to determine the condition of the property at the time of termination of the tenancy processing of the residential tenant’s security deposit plus accumulated interest prompt and courteous response to all enquiries coming from the owner resolution of any problems in an appropriate manner which originate with tenants So if you are Looking for Full PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES in Vancouver or surrounding area GiveJoy Takefman Regional property manager a Call at Macdonald realty (604) 315 9544



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